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Acumatica Version 6 - Blast off to Outer Space

Acumatica Version 6Acumatica Version 6 has blasted into Outer Space, this version carries better payload with new features across the ship.  
    1. Platform Improvements
    2. CRM Outlook Plugin
    3. Accounting workflow Improvements
    4. Web Services Improvements
    5. Business Intelligence & More
The Future of this ERP ship looks promising, it gives very much needed boost to power users (IT Managers, CTO's, Technical lead) so they can drive their business in new direction, explore new frontiers in the Cloud space.

We have highlighted few improvements with screenshots & examples.

Version 6 Improvements:

Acumatica Dashboards

1. Acumatica Platform Improvements

Dashboard and KPI's, version 6 now allows you to manage your dashboards and share with users, it's more intuitive, new design interface, new KPI charts, Trend charts and website widgets giving your dashboard fresh paint.
Acumatica Generic Inquiries
Generic Inquiries - You can now navigate your entire ERP with nested inquiries or browsers, create your own custom navigation.

Pivot Tables - We are thrilled to see the new Pivot feature much like advanced query builder, you can now slice and dice your data. Pivot tables makes aggregation, summation etc child's play, quickly create data summarization and reporting capabilities IT managers nightmare it made easy.  
Acumatica Pivot Tables

Stunning dashboards with new KPI's, Trend charts, website inserts gives ERP users a pretty good data mining capabilities.  

2. CRM Module - Outlook Plugin

Integrated CRM – Acumatica Add-in for Microsoft Outlook:

With this Outlook add-in, customers can quickly take actions such as creating new lead or contact or Opportunity, be able to view details on lead and contact records that already exist in Acumatica ERP.

We all love our emails and most of us use Outlook, this plugin interacts with Acumatica in real time allowing your sales person to log activity for emails if they are chasing that lead, or update the contact details of the Company if new employee joins or any relevant information that needs to be shared across organization.

All your email replies are captured in Acumatica ERP and in Sync at all times making it more efficient.
Customer service or Support teams can now quickly create cases, look up contacts, interact via email and rest assured all of this is captured within Acumatica.

Scalability - With Outlook plugin you can extend the functionality of ERP by exposing other actionable items such as look up vendor contacts or create new Receipts or Update item price or any other screen that may need quick updates and extend the outlook plugin capabilities.

3. New Contract-based Rest API:

Acumatica 6 also introduces a new, contract-based representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), which uses the same endpoints and contracts as the contract-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API introduced in Acumatica ERP 5.3.

The REST API makes it very easy to create and test requests directly from a web browser without the custom libraries or special wrappers required for the SOAP API.

Acumatica Version 6 - Needless to say there has been numerous enhancements across the core modules of Financial, Distribution, CRM and Project Accounting and inclusion of new field service management service module and mobile extension gives this version the power to reach newer heights in newer space.


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