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Acumatica Summit 2017 - Collaborate, Innovate and Accelerate

Acumatica Summit 2017 at Lo Jolla, San Diego, CA was a spectacular event with more than 800 attendees and 20 MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals). The first 2 days comprised of product updates, new features, channel updates followed by 3 days of intense training of Cloud ERP for partners, customers and ISVs.

Acumatica Summit 2017 was all about Collaboration, Innovation and Acceleration. Acumatica's strong 400+ partners and ISVs demonstrates collaboration in building a bigger and healthier ecosystem.

Acumatica truly believes in innovation, new ideas and product integrations, keeping itself as a leader in the magic quadrant. Acumatica demonstrated new version 6.1 and new user interface in upcoming versions and 100s of new product updates.

With ISVs, platform integrators and partners they were able to accelerate quickly to 3000+ customers and OEMs worldwide with bigger footprint in emerging Asia Pacific markets.

Acceleration with innovation and collaboration is key to Acumatica's success.

Hyatt La Jolla, San Diego , CA - US
Day 1 -  Registration & Fun, location was perfectly hosted at Hyatt Lo Jolla.
Most of the attendees passed through San Diego airport witnessing protests on streets raising concerns on immigration travel ban, inspite of this we had huge turn out to the summit .

Day 2 - Summit 2017 was unveiled by Jon Roskill with company updates, product announcements, new version 6.1 and features that automate, collaborate key business integrations with DocuSign, Acronis Notary service, Salesforce integration few to list, more here (Tim Rodman's tweets)

Day 3 - Summit and Keynote presentation - More product features, Mike.C demonstrated new user interface keeping simplicity yet ability to scale for complex users.
Integration with cool emerging technologies like bots for Skype, Slack and Alexa. It would be cool if I can "/command" these bots for chilled beer please.

Keynote presentation was exhilarating from Kevin Harrington the original shark tank investor. Few tips on how to be successful by doing what you like the most. He shared some of his success stories while he grew his own business and what we as partners need to focus to growing our business in the digital world, which is evolving fast.

Day 4 to 6 - Get trained, get certified and experience the Cloud ERP solution.
With multiple tracks for Customers, Partners, ISV solutions, you could have your entire staff trained.
17 training tracks in Financial, Distribution, CRM, Project Accounting, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, third party integrations and customizing using development tools, equipping every attendee with tools for success.

Acumatica Hackathon - Acumatica's first hackathon 2017 with 7 teams and 40 developers/partners engaged for 4 hrs building features, framework that could be shared with rest of the community.
Ohh! Coding with pizza, refreshments and like minded people was great fun.
With 7 teams exploring new frontiers in integration/coding, teams explored the concept of building automated tele-communication, while few dared to explore REST API with Slack integration and couple of teams built functionality on top of Acumatica design.
Winners (team Epsilon and team Delta) took home cool gadgets of Amazon echo & rest enjoyed the team spirit of hackathon.

MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) Awards 2017 
Acumatica started this program in 2016 being able to recognize their partners and developers who constantly shape Acumatica's ecosystem by building products that supplement the mothership.
MVPs educate and brainstorm with partners, engage with customer referral programs and social interactions.

We (InfoSourcing Inc) were happy to receive our 2nd MVP award (2016 and 2017) along with 19 other MVP's.

Left to right - Jon Roskill (CEO), Sarah Kurpe (Partner Acct Manager), myself (Harsha Sarjapur) and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy (Head of Cloud xRP Network)

With growing cloud business needs, we expect Acumatica will accelerate over next few years as we run towards year 2020, most of the companies would have migrated to Cloud ERP solution one way or the other, so get on the bandwagon and let's go Cloud!!!


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