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Future of ERP automation

The future looks bright, automation is key to success in any business, take automobiles the latest trend will be driverless cars, we could call this new feature autonomous cars, robotic cars, drone cars - call them what you will, but the self-driving car is coming to a showroom near you.

With automation happening rapidly, your ERP software needs to evolve and automate so business can operate much more efficient, reduce cost, improve operations and change to demand, so we all can enjoy a safe ride and spend good time while we are on the road.

Acumatica offers those remarkable automation in their new version 4.11 thus allowing to save more time and get things done.

Integrated Marketing - With single click you can now accept leads from website directly into your ERP system and automate the entire process of acquiring customers
CRM - Record activities, tasks, quote, orders across life cycle of customer management
Automate import scenarios and import/export data for third party services.