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Acumatica JewelShop - JCK Las Vegas Convention for Jewelry Business

Acumatica JewelShop, new plugin for Jewelry wholesale business and custom jewelry manufacturers. Visit us at JCK LAS VEGAS - Booth B50042 | May 31 to Jun 2nd.SANDS EXPO & THE VENETIANLAS VEGAS, NV

Visit our website for product information 
Visit our website for more information about Acumatica JewelShop

Acumatica Printshop Ver 2019 Features - Calendar View & More.

Acumatica Printshop, ISV solution for Print industry built on Acumatica xRP platform for business in custom print solutions and services offering screen printing, embroidery and promotional custom products, Printshop automates your production job workflow and process.

Our new 2019 version improves its usability allowing customers to view all production jobs on calendar view within Acumatica. Printshop users can quickly see their entire week or month production jobs scattered across multiple screen print machines or resources.

We have also improved the usability to define your own captions making it easier to configure your business process, also improved purchasing process to increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Acumatica Printshop Version 2019 features. Calendar view of production jobsAbility to configure production jobs status, notification label captions Ability to mark all line items for PO on sales orderAbility to view "Purchase detail" tab indicating …

Topaz Signature Pad integration with eSignature for Acumatica Cloud ERP

With new release of Acumatica 2019 version, we are upgrading our plugin "eSignature" to newest version and adding most requested features in our next build/updates.

eSignature now can be accepted on Sales order and shipment screens with multiple document status.
We are enhancing the plugin to interface with hardware integration. Our team has done extensive research and development working with hardware vendors and zeroed on Topaz, leader in hardware signature pad devices.
Topaz has numerous signature pad solution for desktop, web and client applications, eSignature Ver 2019 will have Topaz interface to integrate signature pad capture and process those files within Acumatica.With Topaz SDK eSignature plugin was able to capture signed image and process as a image file into Acumatica file system and documents.Topaz Signature pad is available for 2018 R2 and 2019 R1 version only. Visit our website for more information and pricing 
Topaz Signature Pads T-S460 Model Series
The SigL…

Digital transformation for screen printing, embroidery, promotional and print companies - Acumatica Printshop

Print and promotional products is 20+ billion dollar industry, most companies are stuck in legacy accounting ERP software or islands of database and really missing out on digital transformation with cloud offerings. A new wave of thinking is required to strategize and move towards cloud adoption to compete and stay ahead in Print/PPI industry.
Industry analysts predict over the next five years, continued growth in corporate profit and total advertising expenditure will boost industry demand, compelling companies to spend more on promotional products. - IBIS World  We (InfoSourcing) are very excited to have Ink Custom Tees join our Acumatica Printshop family, Acumatica is a leader in Cloud ERP software with integrated sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting solution for small, medium and enterprise companies. Acumatica Printshop is our solution custom fitted for screen printers, embroidery and print companies.

Ink Custom Tees started in 1993 in Arkansas with a vision to be a leade…

Acumatica Visual Cues - How to colorize the grid in 2019 R1?

Acumatica introduced the concept of visual cues, this is a platform feature which means its available across all screens, modules and plugins for customers, partners and ISVs.
Visual cues are sensory cues received by the eye in the form of light and processed by the visual system during visual perception  ERP users love the fact they would like to see few color indicators providing visual cues to data so they can work and organize better, they would like to setup few threshold or trigger points to take action eg: Show green  =  for everything that's good, Or show   red  = for something wrong, these visual cues really help users to to view their next set of tasks/activities and get it done.

Here is a quick snapshot of Sales order screen where we were able to colorize the grid for certain threshold or parameters.

a) Show all rows as green color for those records where the order type is invoice, who doesn't like green (money) when we get paid or invoiced.
b) We indicated the col…

Acumatica Summit 2019, Houston Jan 26th to Feb 1st 2019

Acumatica Summit 2019 was filled with fun, excitement and dreams.  At InfoSourcing, we are scaling to new heights and expanding consulting business unlike any other year in the past while building on our new verticals and industry knowledge by ways of creating new plugins and extensions for Acumatica platform using xRP.
Acumatica has helped us in scaling our consulting business in the cloud to reach out to variety of partners and ISVs.

Our customers are happy with Acumatica as we can see year-on-year their profitability increasing, ability to serve more customers by doing more with automated features. We are excited to see the improvements in 2019 R1 and what the future holds for our customers, partners and users.

Our customers overall satisfaction is evident in their noticeably year on year increase in profitability. They are able to serve their customers better by utilizing an array of automated features available within Acumatica and its extensions. We are excited to see the impro…

Acumatica User Defined Fields/Values - UDF using attributes in 2018 R2

In 2018 R2 version Acumatica introduced new feature called "User Defined fields" in short UDF's. These fields allow users to configure existing document screens to capture custom data per document basis.

New features like this really helps partner/customer to configure business workflow process, this capability built on a framework can now enhance existing documents like Sales order, purchase order or other document to collect custom data at transaction level using attributes.

For more information on which documents/screens you can collect UDF's refer to Acumatica help 

In this example I have created few custom data that we would like to accept in our Print industry, this works pretty well with our Acumatica plugin PrintShop for Screen printing and embroidery companies, as business do accept different type of data and allows us to do minimal customizations.

If your accepting custom data related to art work, then you can create those attributes ahead of time and use …