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ERP Justification: How to Help Stakeholders Understand ERP System Benefits

ERP Justification: How to Help Stakeholders Understand ERP System Benefits.

I had the privilege to share my thoughts on the ERP justification why business owners need to have an integrated ERP system for small, medium or large enterprise companies. Along with other authors SelectHub put together this great article on their website.

Future of eCommerce and ERP integration - iPaaS, Acumatica-Celigo integration

The future of integration with e-Commerce and ERP systems is about to change, with low code or low customization and no IT team required to process those web orders into your ERP system.

We are experiencing the latest technology growth of RESTful API web services. With multi-cloud environment, Cloud ERP companies like Acumatica can take advantage of integrating e-Commerce vendors like Shopify, BIG commerce, Magneto, 3D Cart and other hundreds of shopping cart solutions with API integration.

Solving The Problem In cloud environment how do we scale e-Commerce business? Imagine you have a new e-Commerce vendor offering very specific features to your line of business which is compelling to use their platform to sell your products/services with either B2C or B2B channel, your e-Commerce team gets started by launching the website meanwhile we still need to figure out how to get those web orders into our ERP system/Order management system so we can avoid duplicate order entry system, which …

Acumatica Acquisition - IFS, EQT Partners - News from the Alps

I was on family vacation in Swiss Alps passing through the mountains when I saw my emails and social media messages hitting the feed.
Now I had a choice to enjoy the view of the mountains or read the big news of Acumatica acquisition, I choose the ERP mountain acquisition news, still capturing the beauty through my camera lens.

As I learnt more about IFS and EQT that strengthened my trust and quickly informed my team and started to congratulate Acumatica folks on Skype whom I know personally for last 20+ yrs for their commitment and putting a superior product out there.

Finally, the word of comfort from top executive at Acumatica was "Best is no management changes, All the same people will stay", such acquisitions bring lots of changes and retaining human talent and SME's is most important in this industry.

Acumatica, the fastest growing ERP Company and I knew they had 2 choices, to either get listed on NASDAQ or get acquired, and the later happened much quicker than …

Wally's Wine & Spirits - eSignature Plugin case study

Wally's Wine & Spirits, in need of electronic signature solution for their retail and delivery service of their wine products.

Wally's found our eSignature solution more suitable compared to DocuSign or off-the-shelf products. eSignature is built natively and integrated with Acumatica's file system, it allows Wally's drivers to drop off the customer's wine and accessories, collect signatures and stay in compliance for wine & liquor business.

We also have optional front office/ retail front signature pad integration for POS solution with Topaz hardware signature pads.

eSignature is not user based or document based pricing, it's flat pricing yearly subscription and capture as many signatures as you need which makes it cost effective to our customers.

If you need a demo of this click here to visit our website Acumatica Esignature

Acumatica JewelShop - JCK Las Vegas Convention for Jewelry Business

Acumatica JewelShop, new plugin for Jewelry wholesale business and custom jewelry manufacturers. Visit us at JCK LAS VEGAS - Booth B50042 | May 31 to Jun 2nd.SANDS EXPO & THE VENETIANLAS VEGAS, NV

Visit our website for product information 
Visit our website for more information about Acumatica JewelShop

Acumatica Printshop Ver 2019 Features - Calendar View & More.

Acumatica Printshop, ISV solution for Print industry built on Acumatica xRP platform for business in custom print solutions and services offering screen printing, embroidery and promotional custom products, Printshop automates your production job workflow and process.

Our new 2019 version improves its usability allowing customers to view all production jobs on calendar view within Acumatica. Printshop users can quickly see their entire week or month production jobs scattered across multiple screen print machines or resources.

We have also improved the usability to define your own captions making it easier to configure your business process, also improved purchasing process to increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Acumatica Printshop Version 2019 features. Calendar view of production jobsAbility to configure production jobs status, notification label captions Ability to mark all line items for PO on sales orderAbility to view "Purchase detail" tab indicating …

Topaz Signature Pad integration with eSignature for Acumatica Cloud ERP

With new release of Acumatica 2019 version, we are upgrading our plugin "eSignature" to newest version and adding most requested features in our next build/updates.

eSignature now can be accepted on Sales order and shipment screens with multiple document status.
We are enhancing the plugin to interface with hardware integration. Our team has done extensive research and development working with hardware vendors and zeroed on Topaz, leader in hardware signature pad devices.
Topaz has numerous signature pad solution for desktop, web and client applications, eSignature Ver 2019 will have Topaz interface to integrate signature pad capture and process those files within Acumatica.With Topaz SDK eSignature plugin was able to capture signed image and process as a image file into Acumatica file system and documents.Topaz Signature pad is available for 2018 R2 and 2019 R1 version only. Visit our website for more information and pricing 
Topaz Signature Pads T-S460 Model Series
The SigL…