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Acumatica Visual Cues - How to colorize the grid in 2019 R1?

Acumatica introduced the concept of visual cues, this is a platform feature which means its available across all screens, modules and plugins for customers, partners and ISVs.
Visual cues are sensory cues received by the eye in the form of light and processed by the visual system during visual perception  ERP users love the fact they would like to see few color indicators providing visual cues to data so they can work and organize better, they would like to setup few threshold or trigger points to take action eg: Show green  =  for everything that's good, Or show   red  = for something wrong, these visual cues really help users to to view their next set of tasks/activities and get it done.

Here is a quick snapshot of Sales order screen where we were able to colorize the grid for certain threshold or parameters.

a) Show all rows as green color for those records where the order type is invoice, who doesn't like green (money) when we get paid or invoiced.
b) We indicated the col…

Acumatica Summit 2019, Houston Jan 26th to Feb 1st 2019

Acumatica Summit 2019 was filled with fun, excitement and dreams.  At InfoSourcing, we are scaling to new heights and expanding consulting business unlike any other year in the past while building on our new verticals and industry knowledge by ways of creating new plugins and extensions for Acumatica platform using xRP.
Acumatica has helped us in scaling our consulting business in the cloud to reach out to variety of partners and ISVs.

Our customers are happy with Acumatica as we can see year-on-year their profitability increasing, ability to serve more customers by doing more with automated features. We are excited to see the improvements in 2019 R1 and what the future holds for our customers, partners and users.

Our customers overall satisfaction is evident in their noticeably year on year increase in profitability. They are able to serve their customers better by utilizing an array of automated features available within Acumatica and its extensions. We are excited to see the impro…

Acumatica User Defined Fields/Values - UDF using attributes in 2018 R2

In 2018 R2 version Acumatica introduced new feature called "User Defined fields" in short UDF's. These fields allow users to configure existing document screens to capture custom data per document basis.

New features like this really helps partner/customer to configure business workflow process, this capability built on a framework can now enhance existing documents like Sales order, purchase order or other document to collect custom data at transaction level using attributes.

For more information on which documents/screens you can collect UDF's refer to Acumatica help 

In this example I have created few custom data that we would like to accept in our Print industry, this works pretty well with our Acumatica plugin PrintShop for Screen printing and embroidery companies, as business do accept different type of data and allows us to do minimal customizations.

If your accepting custom data related to art work, then you can create those attributes ahead of time and use …

Happy New Year 2019 !!! Acumatica Support for for 2019.

We had a great year 2018 with development of our new plugin Acumatica JewelShop (coming soon in Jan 2019) and a good run with Acumatica PrintShop and eSignature plugins.

We will continue to invest our time in these vertical plugins for Promotional Product Industry and Jewelry Industries.

We are thankful to our customers, vendors and staff in making this journey and looking forward to many more years...

Happy New Year 2019 !!!

Our Holiday list for 2019, our office will be closed during these days and only online support portal is available. Visit

DateFederal holidayDay of the weekJanuary 1, 2019New Year's DayTuesdayJanuary 21, 2019Martin Luther King DayMondayFebruary 18, 2019Presidents' Day*MondayMay 27, 2019Memorial DayMondayJuly 4, 2019Independence DayThursdaySeptember 2, 2019Labor DayMondayOctober 14, 2019Columbus DayMondayNovember 11, 2019Veterans DayMondayNovember 28, 2019Thanksgiving DayThursdayDecember 25, 2019Christmas DayWednesday

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year - Acumatica Cloud ERP Partner

Happy Holidays. We are delighted to close another year of success, and look forward to working with you all in 2019.

We wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a warm and happy holidays, merry X'mas and a joyful new year.

From all of us at InfoSourcing, your cloud ERP partner.

- Harsha Sarjapur & team.

Acumatica Business Events - Create, Subscribe and Get Notified

Acumatica Business Events was introduced in 2018 R1, much anticipated feature for business to notify Acumatica users with custom business event notification.

Think about using these events for a business scenario
For example: Send an email notification based on Generic Inquiry (which pulls data from multiple sources/tables) and based on the results/records you can then trigger to send email or mobile notifications or have a scheduler based event to send emails.

Configuration: Acumatica business events allows you to configure on existing screen or new screens created via Generic inquires or custom screens, giving users flexibility to query the system and use the record-set to trigger based on field change value or record inserted or updated event Or you can schedule to run based on scheduler subscriber and notify the users.
I'm using record inserted event here as an example.

Notify Subscriber: It allows to subscribe to either email notification or mobile notifications which I find it …

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

With sincere appreciation for your business. 

From all of us at InfoSourcing Inc. 

Happy Thanksgiving !!!
Your Acumatica Cloud ERP partner