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Attaching Acumatica Report to Menu Through Automation Steps

In world of distribution you may need more reports, let's say your team decides to add a new report for Return/RMA orders, same format as SO and ability to print directly from Acumatica screens, so as an IT manager you would jump into driving seat and copy an existing Sales order report and rename the new report as RM641010 and using report designer make cosmetic changes and publish to Acumatica reports.

How do I attach a report to existing screen and Menu options? 
Follow these easy 3 steps, you can attach an existing report to menu option through Automation steps, that's right if you always wondered what can I do with Automation steps, this is a perfect example for it.

Step 1: Navigate to System --> Automation --> Automation Steps, from that screen select the Screen ID by drilling down to Sales Order screen

Step 2: Now let's identify the step we need our automation, we need this for a new order type called "RM" Return Order (RMA) and you want to show the op…

Acumatica Reports - Customize Your Logo for Reports

Acumatica 2017 R2 Feature Tip: In new version you have the ability to configure logos for application (ERP interface) and configure a separate logo for reports or any other publications.

By providing ability customers can now deliver simple graphics of specific size for the website applications and for reporting needs you can provide a detailed logo, address or other options, gives the user to customize their logo for appearance.

Here's how to achieve this, navigate to Organization --> Organization Structure --> Branches, Select branch "MAIN" as an example and click on the logo tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Upload 2 different types of logo for User Interface logo and Report logo, now you can pull this report logo for all existing reports or new custom reports.

Stay tuned for more feature exploration in Acumatica 2017 R2.

Acumatica MVP 2018 - Nominate Us

Acumatica Summit 2018 is at Nashville, TN and we are geared up to showcase our extension Acumatica Printshop and other solutions we are building on top of Acumatica framework.

Over last 2 yrs we have earned the MVP award twice and we look forward to winning another round in 2018.

Please nominate us "InfoSourcing Inc, Harsha Sarjapur" for our efforts and contributions.