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Digital transformation for screen printing, embroidery, promotional and print companies - Acumatica Printshop

Print and promotional products is 20+ billion dollar industry, most companies are stuck in legacy accounting ERP software or islands of database and really missing out on digital transformation with cloud offerings. A new wave of thinking is required to strategize and move towards cloud adoption to compete and stay ahead in Print/PPI industry.
Industry analysts predict over the next five years, continued growth in corporate profit and total advertising expenditure will boost industry demand, compelling companies to spend more on promotional products. - IBIS World  We (InfoSourcing) are very excited to have Ink Custom Tees join our Acumatica Printshop family, Acumatica is a leader in Cloud ERP software with integrated sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting solution for small, medium and enterprise companies. Acumatica Printshop is our solution custom fitted for screen printers, embroidery and print companies.

Ink Custom Tees started in 1993 in Arkansas with a vision to be a leade…

Acumatica PrintShop Welcomes Ink Custom Tees

We are delighted to welcome Ink Custom Tees to our Acumatica PrintShop family.

Ink a well known Print Shop company in Arkansas recently were evaluating to replace their legacy print solution and non-integrated accounting, CRM and other solutions.

Their research led to Acumatica PrintShop, an exclusive solution for Screen Printing and Embroidery Companies.

Our PrintShop Acumatica extension allows business to automate their production jobs, manage and track art work, approvals and provide transparency across the organization and customer satisfaction.

With fully integrated accounting, sales, purchasing, CRM and customer portal it's a complete "Print" solution for PPI industry (Promotional Product Industry).

Ink's mission statement "We work with brands to design, print and sell custom apparel"

If you looking for a complete print solution, take a look at Acumatica PrintShop