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Securing Acumatica for Private Cloud and On-Premise Hosting

Securing your website with SSL 2048 encryption is your first defense against internet access, you can add another layer of security with password encryption rules, Single Sign on (SSO) and other security measure, Acumatica Cloud ERP makes it easier to configure those rules on SaaS platform.

If your hosting Private cloud or On-Premise then you will run into configuring SSL redirection on IIS for specific domain or sub-domain.
All web request made in non-secure mode needs to be redirected to secure (https) mode.

Few quick steps for securing Acumatica hosted environment.

Step 1: Get a 2048 bit SSL certificate (You might think Verisign but I would go with InstantSSL they are just $99 and still does the same thing, it secures your website)

Step 2: Install the certs on IIS 6/7, make sure to enable URL Rewrite module in IIS.

Step 3: Configure the URL Rewrite by creating new rule to redirect all HTTP (non-secure) request to HTTPS (secure) request URL with regular expression

Requested URL: Matches…

Are we heading towards Predictive Intelligence in ERP?

Predictive Intelligence In world of data mining & data analytics, Predictive Intelligence or what we all know as Artificial Intelligence is being consumed all across, we are experiencing AI as of today on for purchasing behavior & suggestions, smart phones using "Siri" or  "Ok Google", in automobile industry self driving cars and on Social media facebook image tagging and many more companies adapting every single day.

So What's driving this new technology and why now? 
Predictive Intelligence allows us to understand our customers and simplify personalization and marketing automation.
Data scientist are at work figuring out the best algorithm in understanding data and behavior of consumers, Gartner published an article of Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the hottest technology as of today and in next 2-4 yrs most companies will evolve and adapt this predictive intelligence in every applicatio…