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Evolution of ERP Software for Small and Medium Business

Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small and medium business made its way way back in 1980 and evolved in business practice and flow of information.

ERP software's was backbone for top 500 companies to run their business operations and was powered by SAP, Oracle and other software giants.

However the term ERP for SMB has evolved last 40 yrs for business operating in this sector and the below image represents the evolution path.

1980 - Character based ERP were introduced which had capabilities to record transactions with low processing power computers and was written with programming languages such as FORTRAN, COBOL and others

1990 - Client Server technology, with rapid growth of computers across organization Novel Network gained momentum allowing computers to networked easily and that led to growth of ERP across network, software's were written in Foxpro, Visual Basic, Java and other technologies which has user interface designs.

2000 - Remote Connectivity, with …