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Acumatica eSignature Plugin - New Updates - 2017 Ver 1.5

eSignature for Acumatica, new updates coming soon (Jan 2017), we have enhanced this plugin with configuration screen allowing our users to control how signature is captured.

Proof of delivery feature is most commonly used in the industry and we are constantly looking to enhance this plugin.

Both the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), have four major requirements for an electronic signature to be recognized as valid under U.S. law. Those requirements are:
Intent to sign – Electronic signatures, like traditional wet ink signatures, are valid only if each party intended to sign.Consent to do business electronically Association of signature with the record Record retention – U.S. laws on eSignatures and electronic transactions require that electronic signature records be capable of retention and accurate reproduction for reference by all parties or persons entitled to retain…

Cool-Aid to rescue - Acumatica Exchange Integration

More than any other office application business owners use Outlook or Exchange or let's call it Office 365 the most communicating with customers, vendors and eco-system, nobody likes to see their inbox with hundreds of un-read emails.

Acumatica - Exchange Integration comes to rescue, with seamless Cloud ERP integrated feature in version 6.0 you can now Sync and take action on those emails, we call this feature "Cool-Aid".

Business owners are purely dependent on emails, they need productive tools and toys which allows them to do more in less time and less steps.

In Acumatica version 6.0 you will be able to Sync your emails, contacts, tasks and events by setting up Sync policies.

Not only you can Sync emails but you can take actions based on the context of the email that you receive, examples
Create new Case (ticket system) or Create new Contacts or Create new follow up task and Sync with your Cloud ERP in just few clicks. Now that saves ton of time for busy bee CEO, CTO, …

Mobility with Acumatica Cloud ERP - Andorid and iPhone Smartphone App

Enabling mobility access to Cloud ERP or Enterprise software is uphill battle for ERP vendors and customers. With Cloud ERP gaining huge momentum vendors are switching to web based solutions along with cloud hosting and responsive design to have access on various devices.

Acumatica has pushed the envelope even further, offering native app support for Andorid and iPhones, Acumatica's mantra Access anywhere, Any devices and Any number of employees/users can be seen in action.

With new version 5.20 Acumatica is now offering mobile workforce to interact with your ERP system in real time, create expense claims, expense sheets, time cards and access to cases and tasks.

Watch the video for quick overview of how to access Acumatica on smartphones and features being offered.