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Acumatica's Powerful feature in Distribution module (Sales Quote/Order) - Part I

Here is real life scenario, customer keys in sales quote with close 100+ line items and feels good about the quote sends it out to his customer for approval and it takes few days before they get back and now for whatever the reasons they want to change the customer on that quote to another customer (the final one).

How do we change customer ID on an existing quote/order in Acumatica 4.2?

You might think I may have to re-key the entire quote/order with 100+ line items since there is no option or feature to change the customer id on an existing quote/order.

This thought might force you to re-key entire order with 100+ line items and that might take 30 minutes or more?

Is there a better way to do this in Acumatica Cloud ERP? Hmm scratching our head, we get to work to see if we can provide solution out of the box without any customizations, remember customers don't like when you say customization and it's going to cost blah blah ...

Try #1: We tried to copy and paste feature in Sa…