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Mobility with Acumatica Cloud ERP - Andorid and iPhone Smartphone App

Enabling mobility access to Cloud ERP or Enterprise software is uphill battle for ERP vendors and customers. With Cloud ERP gaining huge momentum vendors are switching to web based solutions along with cloud hosting and responsive design to have access on various devices.

Acumatica has pushed the envelope even further, offering native app support for Andorid and iPhones, Acumatica's mantra Access anywhere, Any devices and Any number of employees/users can be seen in action.

With new version 5.20 Acumatica is now offering mobile workforce to interact with your ERP system in real time, create expense claims, expense sheets, time cards and access to cases and tasks.

Watch the video for quick overview of how to access Acumatica on smartphones and features being offered.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Version 5.0 - Integrated Features your CEO/CTO wants for their business

We were excited to be part of this new release, Acumatica is proud to announce their new version 5.0 during Partner summit in Denver, Colorado, August 2014.

There has been significant number of features added to Ver 5.0 across various modules of product suite, we would like to highlight some of the features that's will impact your decisions to move to Acumatica Cloud ERP or upgrade to latest version.

New Version 5.0 Features

1. Single Sign On (SSO) 
It now supports Windows Azure Active directory, Google and Windows Live ID. Sign on once and you are active across multiple applications that you use in your day-day activities.

Benefits: Allows you to manage single set of credentials across your organization and facilities Acumatica to interact with other web apps

2. User Interface: New improved user interface helps productivity and scalability to various devices, being responsive is important at the same time providing users with interface to conduct business such as multi-selection of …

Is your Cloud ERP Secured?

THE biggest topic in enterprise world is not about BIG DATA, it's more than that "Is your Data Secured?"

In next few years more and more Companies will move their data to Cloud and statistics shows that, if you are not sure then you should read Gartner reports.

If you consider to move you would be thinking of data security and how to protect from intruders who are snatching your credit card information or customer information from fortune 500 companies with security breach that we read every month.

Let's say you decide to host your Enterprise ERP OnCloud what kind of security would you look for?

Below are few security measures to count on preventing data theft or intrusion

Security level
1. Secure website SSL (https mode), pretty basic
2. User accounts /authentication / authorization / passwords policies / roles and membership
3. Entity level restriction groups
4. Active Directory integration - User management and Company policies
5. Key sensitive data fields encrypti…

Future of ERP automation

The future looks bright, automation is key to success in any business, take automobiles the latest trend will be driverless cars, we could call this new feature autonomous cars, robotic cars, drone cars - call them what you will, but the self-driving car is coming to a showroom near you.

With automation happening rapidly, your ERP software needs to evolve and automate so business can operate much more efficient, reduce cost, improve operations and change to demand, so we all can enjoy a safe ride and spend good time while we are on the road.

Acumatica offers those remarkable automation in their new version 4.11 thus allowing to save more time and get things done.

Integrated Marketing - With single click you can now accept leads from website directly into your ERP system and automate the entire process of acquiring customers
CRM - Record activities, tasks, quote, orders across life cycle of customer management
Automate import scenarios and import/export data for third party services.

What does "Cloud ERP" mean to Business Owner?

What is Cloud ERP?
Cloud ERP
is the newest way to access your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) over internet, allowing you to scale your traditional software business with help of Cloud computing platform and technology that allows business to be more flexible in their transformation.

ERP for Small and medium business meant they had the capability to integrate their business operations of selling, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse, customer relationship all within same umbrella and be able to compete with big companies.

Small and Medium business were limited to what they could purchase in terms of license from ERP vendors, they could only purchase few blocks of user licensing and as their Company grows they could add more users, they would purchase more based on their business growth.

As we evolved with internet technologies Cloud computing has become eminent and more Companies have started to roll out their version of the software as a service instead of traditional licens…