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Evolution of ERP Software for Small and Medium Business

Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small and medium business made its way way back in 1980 and evolved in business practice and flow of information.

ERP software's was backbone for top 500 companies to run their business operations and was powered by SAP, Oracle and other software giants.

However the term ERP for SMB has evolved last 40 yrs for business operating in this sector and the below image represents the evolution path.

1980 - Character based ERP were introduced which had capabilities to record transactions with low processing power computers and was written with programming languages such as FORTRAN, COBOL and others

1990 - Client Server technology, with rapid growth of computers across organization Novel Network gained momentum allowing computers to networked easily and that led to growth of ERP across network, software's were written in Foxpro, Visual Basic, Java and other technologies which has user interface designs.

2000 - Remote Connectivity, with …

What does "Cloud ERP" mean to Business Owner?

What is Cloud ERP?
Cloud ERP
is the newest way to access your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) over internet, allowing you to scale your traditional software business with help of Cloud computing platform and technology that allows business to be more flexible in their transformation.

ERP for Small and medium business meant they had the capability to integrate their business operations of selling, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse, customer relationship all within same umbrella and be able to compete with big companies.

Small and Medium business were limited to what they could purchase in terms of license from ERP vendors, they could only purchase few blocks of user licensing and as their Company grows they could add more users, they would purchase more based on their business growth.

As we evolved with internet technologies Cloud computing has become eminent and more Companies have started to roll out their version of the software as a service instead of traditional licens…