Proposal Report - Opportunities as Sales Quote in Acumatica CRM

Proposal report/Quotation Custom Workflow 

Acumatica CRM module automates your incoming emails and lets you create new leads or opportunities for your sales team and define their sales funnel, however it's bit cumbersome to have your sales people convert those lead to Business Account and then to Customer just to create a Sales Quote, way too many steps while the probability of prospect accepting quote is less than 50%, so how do we speed up things in Acumatica?

We knocked few steps and built our custom workflow to treat Opportunity as Quotes by tweaking Opportunity screen and adding custom report, now all your leads can be converted to contacts and create new opportunity and track them till they are "Won" with new Quote report.

A - Create Leads and validate and cleanse them
B - Create Opportunity for Contacts/Business Accounts, generate Quote reports, if won then proceed with sale documents
C - Convert Opportunity to Sales Order, discard other leads and treat them as prospects.

CRM Opportunity with Quote Feature:

1. We added a new "Add Stock Item" button in Products tab, allowing sales people to add multiple items to quote, define price and discount if required.
2. Freight field place holder to specify approx shipping charges
3. New custom "Proposal or Quote" report
4. Few automation menu options and validations
5. Link Sales documents with Opportunity ID/Sales Order ID, both referenceable

There you have it Opportunity being treated as Quotes, this allow your sales team to manage their pipeline and leads and consider to convert them to Business account and Customers only if they approve your quotes/proposal so you have less clutter and focused on Customers, your sales team would love this missing feature. Ask us for free demo, we are Acumatica Cloud ERP Certified Partner


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