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Demo of Acumatica eSignature Proof of Delivery From InfoSourcing Inc

Acumatica eSignature Plugin demonstration of Proof of delivery feature, the video covers configuration settings, enabling and capturing a signature on shipment screen along with the custom report.

For more product demo's please contact InfoSourcing Inc, we will provide with 14-day trial version for your SaaS or PCS or PCP version.

Comparison of DocuSign Vs Acumatica eSignature features

eSignature is growing trend in the industry as we automate towards paperless economy and more digital, Cloud solutions like Acumatica makes it even easier to integrate digital signature.

Customers who want to accept signatures on sales document or proof of delivery on shipment documents can now choose to do so.
With 2 options, either use Acumatica built-in Docusign feature (Subscription to Docusign is a must) or use custom plugin/package eSignature from InfoSourcing.

Acumatica DocuSign integration was recently unveiled at the Summit 2017 and we put this comparison of features and functionality of both application to Acumatica users.

DocuSign is a leader in document signature on pdf documents such as proposal, real estate deals etc. DocuSign was integrated with Acumatica Ver 6.1 and its tied to file system management which allows user to pick a specific document like Sales order or Invoice and send that for signature through DocuSign.

Acumatica eSignature developed by InfoSourcing Inc (Ce…

Acumatica eSign - Integrating e-Signature for Acumatica Cloud ERP

What are electronic and digital signatures?
Electronic signatures, also known as ‘e-signatures’, remove the need for ink signatures. They help organizations transact business faster and reduce risk through greater automation, control and visibility.
Acumatica Cloud ERP Ver 5.x has great API integration capabilities with re-defined web services and API allows you to automate your business process.

Let's review how we were able to integrate e-Signatures for one of our clients during their Order processing workflow. Our client had some challenges with their sales process they are made-to-order apparel service company and often require to customize and deliver the goods. At the time of pickup of the goods, they would like to collect signatures from their customers or truck drivers picking up the goods.

We reviewed various e-Sign product services such as echosign from Adobe, e-signature and Rightsignature and most of them are paid services and won;'t tie in with Acumatica and quite…