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Cool-Aid to rescue - Acumatica Exchange Integration

More than any other office application business owners use Outlook or Exchange or let's call it Office 365 the most communicating with customers, vendors and eco-system, nobody likes to see their inbox with hundreds of un-read emails.

Acumatica - Exchange Integration comes to rescue, with seamless Cloud ERP integrated feature in version 6.0 you can now Sync and take action on those emails, we call this feature "Cool-Aid".

Business owners are purely dependent on emails, they need productive tools and toys which allows them to do more in less time and less steps.

In Acumatica version 6.0 you will be able to Sync your emails, contacts, tasks and events by setting up Sync policies.

Not only you can Sync emails but you can take actions based on the context of the email that you receive, examples
Create new Case (ticket system) or Create new Contacts or Create new follow up task and Sync with your Cloud ERP in just few clicks. Now that saves ton of time for busy bee CEO, CTO, …