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Securing Acumatica for Private Cloud and On-Premise Hosting

Securing your website with SSL 2048 encryption is your first defense against internet access, you can add another layer of security with password encryption rules, Single Sign on (SSO) and other security measure, Acumatica Cloud ERP makes it easier to configure those rules on SaaS platform.

If your hosting Private cloud or On-Premise then you will run into configuring SSL redirection on IIS for specific domain or sub-domain.
All web request made in non-secure mode needs to be redirected to secure (https) mode.

Few quick steps for securing Acumatica hosted environment.

Step 1: Get a 2048 bit SSL certificate (You might think Verisign but I would go with InstantSSL they are just $99 and still does the same thing, it secures your website)

Step 2: Install the certs on IIS 6/7, make sure to enable URL Rewrite module in IIS.

Step 3: Configure the URL Rewrite by creating new rule to redirect all HTTP (non-secure) request to HTTPS (secure) request URL with regular expression

Requested URL: Matches…

Are we heading towards Predictive Intelligence in ERP?

Predictive Intelligence In world of data mining & data analytics, Predictive Intelligence or what we all know as Artificial Intelligence is being consumed all across, we are experiencing AI as of today on for purchasing behavior & suggestions, smart phones using "Siri" or  "Ok Google", in automobile industry self driving cars and on Social media facebook image tagging and many more companies adapting every single day.

So What's driving this new technology and why now? 
Predictive Intelligence allows us to understand our customers and simplify personalization and marketing automation.
Data scientist are at work figuring out the best algorithm in understanding data and behavior of consumers, Gartner published an article of Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the hottest technology as of today and in next 2-4 yrs most companies will evolve and adapt this predictive intelligence in every applicatio…

Proposal Report - Opportunities as Sales Quote in Acumatica CRM

Proposal report/Quotation Custom Workflow  Acumatica CRM module automates your incoming emails and lets you create new leads or opportunities for your sales team and define their sales funnel, however it's bit cumbersome to have your sales people convert those lead to Business Account and then to Customer just to create a Sales Quote, way too many steps while the probability of prospect accepting quote is less than 50%, so how do we speed up things in Acumatica?

We knocked few steps and built our custom workflow to treat Opportunity as Quotes by tweaking Opportunity screen and adding custom report, now all your leads can be converted to contacts and create new opportunity and track them till they are "Won" with new Quote report.

A - Create Leads and validate and cleanse them
B - Create Opportunity for Contacts/Business Accounts, generate Quote reports, if won then proceed with sale documents
C - Convert Opportunity to Sales Order, discard other leads and treat the…

Proof Of Delivery - Implement Acumatica eSignature Plugin

How do I provide Proof of Delivery or Proof of Shipment with e-Signature? Think about running business operations capturing signature for delivery of goods, scanning those documents and attaching to your file system, manual process and time consumption resulting in lower efficiency and prone to mistakes.

Proof of delivery with e-Signatures lets you o automate your shipment process, improves efficiency, no paper work and best of all you can stay in compliance for HIPAA and other governing rules.

Many proof of delivery and chain of custody processes are largely paper-based, increasing the risk of mistakes, disputes, and lost or misplaced shipments.

Acumatica eSign can replace costly and paper-based systems with electronic signature capture, and complements existing workflow processes within Acumatica to make them more efficient, accurate, and cost effective. We can apply this plugin to your sales process, purchasing and shipments, extend it your project accounting or any custom pages/…

Acumatica Version 6 - Blast off to Outer Space

Acumatica Version 6 has blasted into Outer Space, this version carries better payload with new features across the ship.   Platform ImprovementsCRM Outlook PluginAccounting workflow ImprovementsWeb Services ImprovementsBusiness Intelligence & More The Future of this ERP ship looks promising, it gives very much needed boost to power users (IT Managers, CTO's, Technical lead) so they can drive their business in new direction, explore new frontiers in the Cloud space.
We have highlighted few improvements with screenshots & examples.

Version 6 Improvements:
1. Acumatica Platform Improvements Dashboard and KPI's, version 6 now allows you to manage your dashboards and share with users, it's more intuitive, new design interface, new KPI charts, Trend charts and website widgets giving your dashboard fresh paint. Generic Inquiries - You can now navigate your entire ERP with nested inquiries or browsers, create your own custom navigation.

Pivot Tables - We are thrilled to see th…

Cool-Aid to rescue - Acumatica Exchange Integration

More than any other office application business owners use Outlook or Exchange or let's call it Office 365 the most communicating with customers, vendors and eco-system, nobody likes to see their inbox with hundreds of un-read emails.

Acumatica - Exchange Integration comes to rescue, with seamless Cloud ERP integrated feature in version 6.0 you can now Sync and take action on those emails, we call this feature "Cool-Aid".

Business owners are purely dependent on emails, they need productive tools and toys which allows them to do more in less time and less steps.

In Acumatica version 6.0 you will be able to Sync your emails, contacts, tasks and events by setting up Sync policies.

Not only you can Sync emails but you can take actions based on the context of the email that you receive, examples
Create new Case (ticket system) or Create new Contacts or Create new follow up task and Sync with your Cloud ERP in just few clicks. Now that saves ton of time for busy bee CEO, CTO, …

Acumatica 2016 Summit - Highlights Of The Event

Acumatica 2016 Summit kicked off in Orlando, FL at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress with more than 600 attendees from Partners, ISV's, Customers and Prospects by far the biggest Acumatica audience and first Partner-Customer ecosystem summit. 

Acumatica highlights include:
Acumatica was once again the fastest-growing Cloud ERP solution, growing at 134 percent year-over-year.The company announced its 2,000th-customer milestone, doubling the size of its portfolio in less than 18 months.Acumatica added 24 new Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to the ecosystem, an increase attributed to the open and flexible architecture of the platform as well as a growing customer base.An additional 60 Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners joined the Acumatica community, ready to help customers worldwide meet the demand for Acumatica services.Acumatica's headquarters is relocated from Kirkland, Wash. to Bellevue, Wash. this week, bigger office space for growing needs. "Since introducing Acumatica 5…