Uptime of SaaS hosted Acumatica Cloud ERP

One of the biggest concern of SaaS customers "Would my ERP go down? Or it may not be accessible due to internet connectivity or hacking or any other million reasons..."

Yes, there is that slight chance of 0.1% that something can go wrong, for unpredictable reasons ...
Well that's not how we operate in the cloud, we anticipate that it might happen and take precautionary measures, what's the price we are going to pay for this down time? What can be done to keep up-time of the server to 99.9% working.

Acumatica Cloud ERP SaaS hosting takes care of all such scenario's with AWS hosting, AWS itself has data backed up to different zones/regions to be able to mirror sites so it can re--route if such disaster occurs.

At Acumatica Summit 2018 in Nashville we learnt about this new website service offered by Acumatica will show in real time the up-time of all the servers hosted for their clients and any planned service maintenance.
Bookmark this website if your a SaaS Customer or vendor hosting on SaaS environment http://status.acumatica.com/

Before you leave make sure to hit the button" Subscribe" on the website to notify you via SMS, email, Slack or Webhooks whichever way you want to be aware of any down time so you always aware of situations.

ERP Vendors need to go one-step ahead to keep customers aware of such situation that might exist and be prepared for actionable items, to ensure your data and business is not disrupted and Acumatica Cloud ERP is heading in the right direction.


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